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I'm here for the

who desires valuable heirlooms
that last for generations

+ my mission

My goal is to capture the most beautiful version of you and show how your loved ones see you. I will guide you through your whole photo session so you feel comfortable in front of the camera and you look amazing in your photographs. I provide beautifully edited images to be

treasured for generations.

In case you're wondering, I am...
  • a photographer on a mission to make you look beautiful

  • a proud mother of an amazing girl

  • one of the biggest Harry Potter fans on Earth (ask me anything)

  • a storyteller & memorykeeper (& ex-scrapbooker)

  • a dog-lover without a dog (yet)

  • obsessed with details

  • proud of speaking Finnish, though I was born and raised in Hungary


my philosophy

We want to live a memorable life, leave our footsteps in the sand, and say: that was me. Photographs capture these pieces of memories - for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. I strongly believe that our recent memories hold more value for the future generations of our family. Childhood photographs turn into treasure as they preserve Us. Our journey through life.

As parents, we can give the most precious gifts to our children and grandchildren: our love that shows through a photograph, and the knowledge that they are not alone.

I hope that the pictures I will take of you will be hanging on the wall of your home and you will be delighted looking upon them. I hope that you are walking down gladly your memory lane while you are sitting on your couch with your photo book in your lap. I hope that even your young children will flip through the pages of their own albums and relive those joyous moments of their life. And in the distant future, your grandchildren will browse through these keepsakes with starry eyes while you tell them your stories.

I am here to help you in capturing valuable moments of you and your family and creating a piece of your legacy.

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